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April 10, 2009 - 20:56 — mom

Our au pair recently left after 18 months and my daughter, 3.5, was very torn up about the transition. She resisted my new au pair and would shout out each morning "I dont want to stay with you. I want my old au pair!"

It was a horrible situation and I felt terrible. But, my new au pair was wonderful about understanding.  She just kept calm, and kept trying each morning to win my daughter over. I saw that despite my au pairs best efforts, my daughter wasn't budging! She was being so stubborn!

I didnt want my au pair to get discouraged or feel badly about the situation, so we scheduled a time to brainstorm ways that she could better connect with my daughter.

Here's what we did to foster a better connection between my daughter and my au pair:<-- Read more -->

March 9, 2009 - 19:57 — mom

I recently had a couple of parents ask me if I would recommend the au pair program for babies, infants or multiple young children. My initial reaction was YES, get an au pair. Although, I did give one caveat.

I suggested they look into the Au Pair In America Extraordinaire program. It is a unique program offered by Au Pair in America that is focused on matching host families with highly experienced au pairs. The au pairs are typically former nannies, educators or nurses and are generally (although not always), very experienced. You pay extra for these au pairs, but it is well worth the piece of mind.<-- Read more -->

March 8, 2009 - 21:39 — mom

"Can you move over, please?" my au pair asked, as she squeezed onto the couch.

It was Valentine's Day and she wanted to watch a movie with my husband and I.

We sat there and played along... letting our au pair enjoy the Hallmark Holiday with us. We all ate from the popcorn bowl and sipped our drinks.

It was Valentines' Day bliss until about.....................midnight. As my husband and I headed to bed, he said "we need to talk...this has to end."<-- Read more -->

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