Benefits of an Au Pair

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May 3, 2009 - 20:43 — mom

My son recently celebrated his 5th birthday and what a blast!

While I tried hard to keep the volume of presents under control, family and friends got the best of me. Former au pairs sent cards, called and one even visited! But, what I didn't expect were presents from my current au pair's family back in Brazil! You heard me correctly- presents from my au pairs real family!

For my sons birthday, my au pair's family sent him a package filled with all kinds of goodies: dragon figures, flip flops, cool pens, etc. They so went above and beyond.<-- Read more -->

March 7, 2009 - 13:21 — mom

My kids are great eaters. They don’t live on chicken nuggets, gold fish or string cheese. My daughter loves Indian, Thai and Chinese. My son is a big Middle Eastern fan. So, how did this come about?!

I have to admit, I like to take credit for the old wives tale that “since I ate everything while I was pregnant—I influenced my kids diet…” But alas, my husband always reminds me that is not the case!

So, I have to admit, SOME OF IT, has to do with having an au pair. When we think of au pairs, nannies or childcare providers, we always think about the influence of LANGUAGE SKILLS on your home. But, we never think about an aupairs impact on your CHILDS DIET.<-- Read more -->

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