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Share au pair experiences, thoughts, questions or concerns with current and prospective host families.

Is anyone still using this board?

I am a host mom on au pair #2 after a rematch.  I really want to make this one sucessful and at least get my money's worht out of the program.  Looking for an active discussion forum but it doesn't look as though anyone has been here in over a year.  Anyone else out there????

Problems again

Well I'm back again, I took the advice given last time and still things are no better.  I was advised to set a time where we have our own space, I did - she now asks for permission to sit in the lounge, making things uncomfortable.  We take her to our local occasionally and she will order very expensive drinks and never offers to buy one back.  We have a dog in the house, we have<-- Read more -->

I'm not sure I like our au pair continued...

Sorry, I'm new to this posting thing...<-- Read more -->

I'm not sure I like our Au Pair

This is the first experience we have had with an au pair and I have to say, it has been a very difficult transition.  We matched rather quickly and we have learned the questions we missed in our interview process so we'll be better prepared next time (if there is a next time).  Our au pair, I will call her "Faith", is a stubborn, selfish, thoughtless snotty teenager!  I<-- Read more -->

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